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released October 31, 2014

Artwork: Laura Murphy



all rights reserved


PondRiverLakeStream Jamestown, New York

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Track Name: Madelyn
You've got a little bit of faith from your mother
And a little bit of brave from your father
Don't be scared for the love of another
But all these things combined are what make you who you are

You're so much brighter than the sun when it shines
Nothing is sweeter than to see you smile
And when you go to sleep, be sure that you keep
All the things you see in your mind
Madelyn, you are the reason

Every night as you lay awake
I will count every breathe that you take
Don't be scared of the world and its ways
Cuz you are proof that something beautiful happens each day

You're the reason we stay up at night
just thinkin what you'll be like
When you're older and you have your own child
And when they go to sleep, be sure that you keep
All the things you see in your mind
Because Madelyn, they are the reason
Track Name: Emma
I know you can't speak yet and life has just begun
but don't you worry because the words are yet to come
The world will tell you lies and life will bring you down
but don't you know that we'll be here to help you out

Emma don't you see, the light you shine on me
It always feels so wrong when you're gone
I want you to be, the better part of me
And when you have grown you will always have a home with me

Your first steps will help to get you on the go
but take a step back and make sure to take it slow
all the people that you meet
all the wonders that you see
they will guide you on your way and help to set you free

Emma you don't know just who you are
You're the light when there's only dark
When your name is written in the stars
I'm gonna find the one that shines the brighest of them all
then I will know which star is yours
Track Name: Teddy Bears and Fairy Tales
Sleep now little baby don't you cry
It's time for you to rest those tired eyes
The sandman will come to bring you dreams
of teddy bears and fairy tales and all those happy things

When all the world is coming down, i'll be the one to hold you
Everyday I think about how I was meant to hold you

And when you wake your mother takes you right into her arms
So everyday begins with you close to her heart
You showed me something I could never know
Like how to love so selflessly as if there were no one else

Don't be afraid to dream and be anything you want to be
And all that you see can be anything you want it to be
Track Name: Lucy
Whenever you see black and white Lucy sees the colors
in every form of life leaving all the world in wonder
And she'll dance under the stars
on the rooftops and through the yard
I wanna see my baby's eyes glow bright

When all the world is gray
And you've got nothing left to say
I'll be there for you whenever you are down

I wanna tell you that you'll never be afraid
I wanna tell you that the colors never fade
But the honest truth is kid
I promise only this
through the truth and lies I"ll be always on your side

When all the world is gray
And you've got nothing else to say
I'll be there for you whenever you are down

Oh my friend when you think you've reached the end
its just beginning

When all the world is gray and you've got nothing left to say
I'll be there for you whenever you are down
When life's too much to bear
When you're heart begins to tear
I'll be there for you, I'll be there
I'll be there for you whenever you are down
Track Name: John Mavin
When he was born the golden sky cracked
the truth was told and laid upon his back
Born from the loins of an indian chief
he formed a new branch on the family tree

John Mavin
John Mavin
He was born a child in the know
Soft and warm with a radiant glow

His greatness foretold by the ancients of old
His kindness matched only by the wisdom that he showed
When he has grown he will conquer the beast
The fear in our hearts forms the truth that we speak

John Mavin
John Mavin
He was chosen to lead us in the fight
Silence broken by whispers in the night

Never more was anyone lost
With his words he could melt the coldest heart
Track Name: Killian John
There once was a man who never did frown
A brighter young lad there could never be found
When he spoke he broke into song
And his name was Killian John

Just the seed that's put in the ground
His faithfulness grows and his love will abound
One thing's for sure, I give you my word
Once he gets to you you'll never be cured

Killian John don't wait too long
The grass will be greener when you come along
Waiting for sunshine or waiting for rain
I'll sing the song of Killian John

In the spring he'll come out to bring
Good luck and good fortune to all that he meets
Don't be shy as he walks by
Just hold out your hand, look'em straight in the eye and say

Killian, oh Killian they say that you're one in a million
Killian, oh Killian, teach us how to live again